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01:04 am: Time, the Lunatic
What an interesting week that was. I think the conflicting nature of the different things that happened have fucked up my physiology. Let's see, I was kept up from Sunday night through early Monday morning (this was November 27th and 28th) by my drunk roommate panicking about misplacing her cell phone. I finally went to sleep some time after eight a.m. When I woke up in the afternoon, I felt like crap and didn't get anything done. I just sort of bummed around the house, until that evening. I decided to get a coffee with espresso shots, and left the house. On the way, and about three minutes away from the coffee store, I got into a car accident. Due to Maryland state law and saving time by not contesting, it was faulted to me. Unemployed with little money, I called my dad for help. Now I was going to call him anyway to catch up, but it became different, becoming a call of necessity. Still, we had a pleasant conversation and he made me laugh.

Through the next couple of days, I still tried to talk via email to this girl I met online during an emotional break-down. It didn't pan out, and I pretty much hit a brick wall with her. The timing of this fall out was fairly impeccable, as someone else sent me a message on the dating site I'm using. I didn't have any expectations, and wasn't sure if I even wanted to try making friends again. So when she asked me how I was, I answered honestly. And to my mild surprise, she wrote back. Within a couple of days, we started chatting and she managed to get me out of my shell. After a few more chat sessions and a phone call or two, we set up a date to meet. It didn't end up happening, because we ended up meeting for coffee a day early. Something about her made me feel comfortable enough to meet an almost complete stranger spontaneously. It was quite enjoyable!

So, the car estimate at the body shop was done Wednesday, things hit a brick wall with the one girl by Thursday, and Friday and Saturday were spent hitting it off with this new girl who is, by all accounts so far, amazing! That brings us to Sunday (a little over yesterday). A fairly lazy day, I didn't do too much; watched Seven and read a little. That was when I got the text about meeting up. So, went to do that and eventually got a call from the roommate. She wanted to know where I was and if I was alone. So, I told her. She wasn't happy, just as I guessed. I just don't fully get it. I mean, I do get where she's coming from. I just don't get why my roommate who happens to be my best friend would be angry at me for making a new friend and liking someone. I don't know why she wouldn't be more supportive of me being happy. Oh, and I should mention that she got some very bad health news the Monday I got in the car accident. This emotional roller coaster is definitely taking a toll on my physically. My sleep's been messed up and I felt sick today. I just hope the rest of this current week flows by better.

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