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01:22 pm: Culture Pop
Storytelling is the fabric of our society. From ancient civilizations to modern society, it's a global phenomenon we all have in common. Storytelling is a way to share our experiences for others to retell in an effort to find common ground. Great stories are embraced by the masses, because each person finds something in those stories that speaks to them. It's a beautiful thing, when we each come together to revel in those stories and share our own about why we love them. Great stories bring us together and help us better understand one another. Storytelling is the tool we use to create the tapestry of our lives together.

We don't always have time in our daily lives to recall and regale in these stories, but we enjoy remembering them. Those are stories we love for the way they made us feel, knowing we weren't the only ones affected in the same or similar way by those stories. We all know in our hearts that we have more in common than not, and stories are a way of reminding us of that. And we like to keep reminding ourselves of those stories. So what do we do to help us keep those stories close to our hearts? Yes they're things we'll hopefully always remember, but as human beings we appreciate physical manifestations or keepsakes to hold onto and help us remember more clearly. The answer is merchandise! Our love for these stories is so big that we have to express it beyond the simple joy of the stories themselves.

Our love for great stories is unconditional in a way. We celebrate the love and joy we have for these stories that we don't think twice about expressing that. That's a beautiful thing. Creators, authors and artisans, and everyone else involved in bringing those stories and their physical icons to us are working hard to make a living. When we buy the books and merchandise, we're helping them without a second thought. The need for money is an ugly truth, but we're not concerned with that when we're in love with the characters, the setting, the theme, the plot and whatever nuances we get from those stories. We just want to show our love for these stories and let people know how much we love them, because we know the love will be shared.

Merchandise brings us together in so many ways, especially merchandise with meaning like that related to stories. Our keepsakes and mementos as icons from great stories can serve as icebreakers to greater conversations and more storytelling. These things can remind us that we have something in common, when we're so focused on our differences. When we're not even thinking about those stories, our knick-knacks are there to say "hi, remember me" and we do and we smile. They're our items of joy we can have with us anywhere, things that can ensure we'll keep smiling throughout the day. These icons of our stories remind us that we're all human.

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Date:October 31st, 2013 05:03 pm (UTC)

Yes, but clutter..


That's a romantic view of materialism and I am largely in agreement.

Unfortunately, clutter does become an issue when it comes to merchandise. Everyone has space limitations and few of us want our apartments to look like a seven year old's bedroom. That almost kept me from purchasing those Prime figures despite their low price.

That is why I'm greatly looking forward to low-cost 3D personal printers, which are just around the corner. At that point we will only need to buy the templates/software of the items being produced. We can then destroy them at our leisure with little sense of loss in full knowledge that the item can simply be produced again if desired.
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